Team Slaughterpunch

The Meeting

[Needs Additional Information]


Rak, Ro'dan, and Jolan happen to meet at a local tavern. Rak was looking to kidnap/kill a target of his? Ro'dan was seeking help to enter The Needle. Jolan was there to get laid and make some money.

Rak was able to convince Fingers and [Unknown] to exit the tavern. He lured [Unknown] into a trap and began a fight.

Meanwhile, Ro'dan was able to 'procure' a spell scroll from a pair of merchant dwarves visiting the tavern (with a little help from Jolan's distraction). Jolan noticed a pretty bard and dropped everything to try and seduce her. Playing some beautiful music, he made some gold and seduced the bard.

Somewhere around this time, Rak knocked [Unknown] unconscious and began to face off against FIngers. Fingers took a stab at Rak with a dagger and cut of a few of Rak's fingers (prophetic?). 

Ro'dan decided to see how the fight was playing out back and left the tavern. Finding Rak and Fingers mid-fight and an unconscious [Unknown], Ro'dan decided to see how the fight would play out.

Jolan also exited the tavern about this time to see how the fight was going. Ro'dan and Jolan decided to make a little wager and bet 1 silver each on the fight. Both began to overtly cheat.

Fingers eventually knocked Rak unconscious (with a little of help from Jolan). Jolan proceeded to knock Fingers unconscious and loot Fingers and [Unknown]. Notably, he found a signet ring indicating membership to the Merchant's Guild? and a map.

Ro'dan managed to intimidate a passing looter (Benbow) into dropping all of Rak's gold which Ro'dan then pocketed.

With Ro'dan keeping an eye out, Jolan then loaded up a couple of carts with the unconscious bodies before proceeding inside to pursue the lovely bard.

Ro'dan went to bed too.

Rak awoke the next morning to find Fingers [Unknown] locked in a cart. He killed Fingers and subdue his larger companion before getting in contact with [Unknown] to move the body and thereby fulfilling his contract.

Rak, Ro'dan, and Jolan then met in the morning for breakfast and decided to team up to find out where the map leads.



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